Goran Svitlica


Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Goran Svitlica. I live in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. My interests include:

  • programming

  • playing and composing music

  • juggling

  • drawing and animation

I hope that this website will help me to connect with people all over the world.

Contact me if you want to collaborate with me creatively, if you have a business idea, or if you want to talk about anything else.


I graduated from the "Rade Končar" electrotechnical school 18 years ago, majoring in computer science. There, I became interested in programming, so much so that I even participated in some competitions. At that time, we used the C language. Later, I taught myself the concepts of object-oriented programming, first through C++ and then by switching to Java. I also learned about other languages and technologies, including JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Linux, OpenGL, Maple, Krita, and Blender.

The Projects page contains a list of programs that I have created.


As a child, I played the accordion, mostly with my right hand. My father taught me the basics, but I never went to a music school. Later I tried to play classical guitar, but it did not work out so well. Then I bought an electric guitar and started to enjoy music more. As a graduation present, my mother bought me a piano keyboard, which eventually became my favorite instrument.


I remember my grandfather juggling two objects with his right hand just to entertain me. I tried to juggle too, but without much success. It was only after many years that my juggling started to improve. Today I like to juggle with 4 balls, sometimes just trying to stay in the air as long as possible, and sometimes performing different tricks.


I created one of the first animations to accompany my brother's song around 2004. After that, I got more interested in drawing, and lately, my love for creating animations has grown again. I mainly use Blender to develop my creative ideas. There is an add-on I made to simplify the process of lip-syncing.